It is possible to draw up a contract?2016-12-16T10:02:10+01:00

It is possible to draw up a real contract countersigned by both parties. In any case the e-mail correspondence already has legal value.

As you proceed to the booking?2016-12-16T10:01:40+01:00

To permanently reserve a date we require that our customers send us a written confirmation by email. Subsequently, by bank transfer, they must pay an advance of about 30% of the total cost. The customer will then pay the balance in cash on the day of the event.

Do you need a contact person with regards to the location where the event takes place?2016-12-16T10:01:06+01:00

Yes, we need the email contact and telephone number of a manager of the facility where the event is to take place so that we may contact him/her in case of need or for organizational reasons.

Do you need to inspect the venue where the wedding will take place?2016-12-16T10:00:41+01:00

Due to our experience, we find it unnecessary to inspect the location of the wedding – we are able to solve and plan every aspect via email, and should it be necessary, contacting the structure which will host the event directly.

May we use your equipment to project a video?2016-12-16T10:00:15+01:00

We can supply the equipment needed to project a video. This service is not included in the agreed fee for the musical performance of the duo. It should be considered as an extra cost and, in some cases, the intervention of a video technician may be necessary.

Can you play during the ceremony?2016-12-16T09:59:51+01:00

For reasons of time and logistics, we can not play for the ceremony – this is usually carried out by our colleagues of more classical orientation.

What time is foreseen for your arrival at the venue?2016-12-16T09:59:27+01:00

The estimated time of arrival is well in advance. This allows us to set up our equipment in good time. Our preparation for the evening’s performance will not disturb your guests.

Can we choose the songs to be performed during the evening?2016-12-16T09:59:00+01:00

Yes, you can choose the songs you like from our repertoire. You can also choose (informing us in advance) a song which isn’t present on the repertoire that we will prepare and play live for you(song chosen for a special time of reception). If there are other songs not included in our repertoire you can show us a playlist that we’ll play through our laptop during breaks or at times specified by you.

Do you need to eat during the day?2016-12-16T09:58:31+01:00

Yes, since we arrive to the location well in advance of the event for the equipment set-up and can not subsequently leave the place of the event, we kindly ask that you provide us with a meal, even if different from what your guests will eat, thanks in advance.

What is ENPALS?2016-12-16T09:58:03+01:00

ENPALS is National Welfare and Assistance for Workers Performing Arts. To play live professionally you need a document which is called viability ENPALS. We may attain this independently and the cost of this permit is included in the price.

What is the Permit S.I.A.E.? who needs to request it?2016-12-16T09:57:38+01:00

Regarding the authorization for the use of music and the payment of related royalties during public musical performances the current legislation in Italy requires you to obtain permission S.I.A.E. This must be requested directly by the event organizers, in this case the bride and groom or someone on their behalf (the structure, the wedding planner etc), at the S.I.A.E. office in the area where the wedding takes place. We personally do not request the S.I.A.E. permission but as musicians of the evening we will fill in the form issued to the spouses of the office area. The form is called “packing list” and it must be returned to the S.I.A.E. office by the applicant. In no event will we deal with the permit application or return the same. The cost of S.I.A.E. authorisation is not included in the price of the booking. The cost of S.I.A.E. does not go to us but to the authors and publishers of the songs performed during our performance.

Can you play outdoors?2016-12-16T09:57:05+01:00

Yes, we can play outdoors. When we play outdoors we need a cover to protect our equipment from the sun, damp and sudden rain. Possibly a roof or a gazebo but also an umbrella (the big ones for catering). We can not set up our equipment outdoors in the absence of at least one of the above requirements.

Can you move with all the equipment to a different location during the day?2016-12-16T09:56:25+01:00

We can play throughout the event, from aperitifs to dinner, to the dances after dinner. The bride and groom will need to determine which parts of the event they consider most important (including cocktails, dinner and dancing after dinner) as this is where the main equipment will be set up. If the reception is held in different areas we can set up another set of gear in another area. This set-up will allow us to play the same, though without lights and with less equipment. For example, it could be that in the second area there might be a more simple background, or less instrumentation. An example: If dinner and after dinner are at the same point within a room while appetizers are outside in a garden, where it is considered more important than the contribution of live music during dinner and after dinner, we will set up the main system inside and the second system at the time of the aperitif in the garden. The same is true if you want outdoor music where aperitifs and after dinner are foreseen while dinner is held inside. In this case we will place the main system outside where we will play live while the second system will be used for the dinner time. This second system is included in the price.

Are you provided with all the necessary equipment to carry out your performance?2017-01-12T18:39:50+01:00

Yes, we have everything we need. The equipment includes both the sound and lighting systems.

Until what time are you available?2017-01-12T18:36:31+01:00

Our deadline is around 02.00 at night. It really depends on what time we start our performance.

How many hours do you play?2017-01-12T18:35:06+01:00

We can play live for about 3 hours, whilst remaining available to the customer for the entire duration of the event. Even when we do not play there is always background music.