About Us

Enry & Francesco are professional musicians in the live music industry, with their thousands of concerts played throughout Italy and Europe. It is not easy to find two singers and two guitarists like Enry & Francesco: thanks to their “musical empathy” their love for fun and joy is easily transmitted through their music, in any kind of event (Weddings, Private Parties and Public Events) as they have an incredibly vast repertoire. Due to the musical experience gained over the years, Enry & Francesco can also accompany other musicians if requested. The TRIO version with the introduction of a saxophonist is a good example of this.

Music For Weddings, Private Parties and Concerts

Enry & Francesco can organise and manage every aspect of the musical field during the various moments of the Wedding reception and they have a repertoire that meets every taste, from background instrumental music to live performances during the aperitifs, lunch and dinner ending with dance music.
Enry & Francesco are the perfect combination of Live Music and entertainment for your Wedding day or private party.
Enry & Francesco have performed live in weddings for over 20 years and have been appreciated by many Italian married couples as well as from the rest of the world, couples who chose Italy as a place where to crown their love.
They are versatile and can play and sing all types of music during the various events. Their musical repertoire includes almost 100 years of history, including hits going back to the 30s all the way up to today.
A wide repertoire of dance music, in particular from the 50s, 60s and 70s up to the present day, from Latin American rhythms to rhythm and blues, soul and rock ‘n’ roll etc. Their repertoire includes more than 500 songs played and sung live in both acoustic and with the support of backing tracks.
Present in the repertoire of Enry & Francesco also songs of the Italian tradition of every period, including for example Neapolitan music. The bride and groom may choose their favorite song to be performed even if it is not present in the repertoire.
Enry & Francesco offer, among other possibilities, a DJ Set service to be used along with live music for after lunch or after dinner. On demand, karaoke can be used during the event too.
Enry & Francesco sing in various languages such as Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Their experience led them to play in Italy in many regions such as Tuscany, Marche, Umbria, Lazio, Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Veneto, Piedmont, Liguria, Abruzzo, Campania and Puglia. Here are a few of the cities where Enry & Francesco have performed: Rome, Florence, Venice, Siena, Bologna, Pisa, Lucca; Macerata, Pesaro, Viterbo, Ancona, Pistoia, Perugia, Assisi, Foligno, Terni, Gubbio, Arezzo, Cortona, Naples, Reggio Emilia, Parma, Milan and Turin.

Live music for pubs, discos and clubs

Enry & Francesco also play in Clubs and perform live music in venues throughout Italy.
During the winter, they also play in Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, which requires musical training and a vast professional experience.
Enry & Francesco have also developed other musical and artistic projects, as they are also both songwriters as well as musicians.

On our website you can listen to some of our performances, both audio and video, but to learn more about us, please contact us or follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Youtube.

Hi guys,
Chris and I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being so incredible on our wedding day.
We’d been worried the wedding was too small for a live band. But it turns out to have been one of the best decisions we made.
You guys did a phenomenal job and all of the guests have said how brilliant you were.
You went above and beyond for us and we’re very grateful.
Thanks again,
Alex & Chris
Alexandra Winter, 30 September 2020, Wedding at Villa Teloni (Marche)

We would like to thank Enry & Francesco for making our wedding day that extra bit special. We had a fabulous day, the guys arrived early and set up and provided background music whilst we ate our food. Then after food the party started, they played a wide variety of songs…there was something for everyone. We would definitely recommend and would not think twice about booking you again. Thanks guys

Kelly & Matt

Kelly Maddison, 22 August 2019, Wedding in Cortona (Tuscany)